About Dr. Cook

Dr. Shannon C. Cook is the CEO of Shannon C. Cook Ministries and CookPire, LLC. He is a leading authority on financial success and dream fulfillment He has been called the #1 Wisdom Coach in America the successful Dr. Cook is the Co-Chairman of the Business Wealth and Grant Conferences, which has empowered over one thousand people to become CPA certified millionaires.

Dr. Cook is a global television personality that has made special guest appearances on The Word Network, BET, and TBN. He hosts the world renowned Dr. Shannon C. Cook Show, that is broadcasting around the world.

Dr. Cook has also authored several books including his latest best seller. “Wisdomaire”

Dr. Cook’s passion and vision is to empower entrepreneurs with the financial resources to help them fulfill their dreams. Dr. Cook facilitates that through the Bluegrass Community Development Corporation where he serves as CEO. He also serves on the board of The Entrepreneurial Foundation of America.

Dr. Cook is a leader of leaders. He is a member of the Board of Governors with the International Congress of Churches and Ministers (ICCM) under Dr. Michael Chitwood. ICCM is an organization that is empowering others to fulfill their vision from God.  Dr. Cook is also the founder of Dunamis World Outreach Church, in Louisville, Kentucky.

Dr. Cook has committed his life to empowering people to be a success and fulfill their Dream Potential.

Dr. Cook resides in Prospect, Kentucky with his beautiful wife Shelia Cook and their daughter. Lauren Faith Cook.

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The CookPire Mission

The Mission of CookPire, LLC is to take your dreams and to make them a reality.  Dr. Shannon Cook believes that Every Dream is Obtainable and, with the right guidance through CookPire, we can help you to obtain that dream.  Our ultimate mission is not to to help you reach your goal but to help you exceed your goal.

The CookPire Vision

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